Jentashapir Journal of Health Research : 2016, Volume 7, Issue 4, Aug Abstracts XML

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Effectiveness of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy on Depression and Craving Beliefs of Abusers Under Methadone Maintenance Treatment   Research Article
The Relationship Between Attitude Towards Oneself, the World and the Future, and Parental Stress in Mothers of Children With Learning Disabilities   Research Article
The Effect of Mothers’ Education and Employment on Children’s Health   Research Article
Beliefs of Physicians and Nurses Toward Infant Teething: A Cross Sectional Survey   Research Article
Performance Evaluation of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences’ Hospitals During 2006-2011: Application of Pabon Lasso Model   Research Article
Temperature and pH Effects on Insulin Structure: A Molecular Dynamic Approach   Research Article
Breast Cancer as a Major Concern Among Iranian Women   Letter
The Relationship Between Mobile Phone Use and the Risk of Cancer   Letter