Jentashapir Journal of Health Research : 2015, volume 6, Issue 6, Dec Abstracts XML

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Zinc Chloride Reverse Influence on Dexamethasone Depressant Effects in Adult Male Rats   Research Article
The Reasons for Composite Restoration Replacement in Patients of the Restorative Department of Babol Dental School   Research Article
The Effects of 3000 Meters Swimming on Serum Level of Leptin and Glucose Under 2 Different Intensities: Continuous and Intermittent   Research Article
Low-Dose Aspirin and Uterine Natural Killer Cells in Mice at Day Seven of Pregnancy   Research Article
The Relationship Between Positive and Negative Perfectionism and Depressive Symptoms: The Role of Academic Rumination   Research Article
Circadian Variation in the Incidence of Stroke-Induced Aphasia Types in Ahvaz, South-West of Iran   Research Article
The Five-Year Survival of Patients With Endometrioid-Type Endometrial Cancer   Research Article
Effect of Ellagic Acid on Animal Behavior in Elevated Plus Maze and Open Field Tests   Research Article
Evaluation of Dental Students’ Motives and Viewpoints on Their Career Choice in Ahvaz   Research Article
Noise Exposure of Workers on a Land Oil Rig Floor   Brief Report
Introduction of a Variation in Latissimus Dorsi Muscle (the Axillary Arch of Langer)   Case Report
Anomalous Muscle Bundles Causing Subpulmonic Stenosis   Case Report