Jentashapir Journal of Health Research : 2013, Volume 4, Issue 3, Jun Abstracts XML

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Multiplex PCR detection of Escherichia coli carrying Shiga toxin genes in E. coli isolated from patients with diarrhea in Hajar hospital, Shahrekord, Iran   Research Article
Survey quality of life for girl students and relationship with their coverage type in 2011   Research Article
Isodose 2D determining in water phantom regular and irregular fileds in radiation therapy for caculation modulated dose   Research Article
Comparison of attachment styles and child rearing in parenting mothers of normal students and students with learning disabilities   Research Article
Incidence and risk factors of post-traumatic Endophthalmitis   Research Article
Analysis of educational services quality from viewpoints’ of Health & Paramedical students in Qazvin university of Medical Sciences, using SERVQUAL model in 2011   Research Article
Clinical evaluation of the stain removing ability of an Iranian whitening dentifrice in Ahvaz dental school in 2010   Research Article
he psychiatry clerkship effect on medical students’ attitude toward psychiatry   Research Article
Correlation causes of death in death certificates of Ahvaz Aboozar hospital in 2009 and March to September 2010   Research Article
Determination of total mercury concentrations in water and common Carp from Azadegan aquaculture site, Khuzestan: strategy to reduce mercury accumulation in fish   Research Article
The relationship of Alexithymia with Loneliness and comparison of them in male and female students   Research Article